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Medicine Cabinets –

A medicine cabinet offers functional practical storage, providing you with that much needed place where you can safely tidy away all those bathroom essentials, but still have them readily to hand just when you need them. With the correct choice of cabinet it can also make a bathroom look more aesthetically pleasing, complimenting your bathroom beautifully.

Choices of Medicine Cabinet

When it comes to choice there are so many possibilities. Firstly you have the choice of materials, plastic and stainless steel being among the most popular, these materials being the more favorable not only because of the fact that they have excellent rust resisting properties, but they are easier to keep clean too.

Then you have the choice of shelving, fixed or adjustable, doors that open to the left or to the right, up or down, single door, double doors, multiple doors, with a mirror, cabinets with lights, with a lock, a plug socket, even a usb port.

There is a wide choice of sizes and colors available too. Its simply all down to what suits you, your bathroom and of course your budget.

Featured Medicine Cabinets

Recessed Medicine Cabinets

Want a medicine cabinet that provides a smart look with clean simple lines? Then an inset or recess medicine cabinet with a frameless mirror could be just what you are looking for.

Kohler K-2967-BR1 Medicine Cabinet Elegant bronze detailing For surface or recess mounting For right or left handed opening Two adjustable glass shelves Corrosion resistant durable aluminum construction
Kohler K-2967-BR1 Medicine Cabinet
Elegant bronze detailing
Suitable surface or recess mounting

But a few words of warning -

To install a recessed medicine cabinet it may be necessary to cut the wall to facilitate the recessed fitting - these are considerably more difficult to fit than a conventional surface mount cabinet.

Low Prices

With really hot deals on all types of quality medicine cabinets all tailored to suit your needs, we believe that among the large selection we have on offer that there will be something that will meet your needs exactly. prides itself by offering quality medicine cabinets that will not only suit most bathrooms but most tastes and pockets too.