Medicine Cabinet – Alternatives and Options

The choices involved when it comes to choosing a new bathroom or medicine cabinet are vast.

For a start there are the different sizes, really dependent on the available space.

Recessed types w/ their inset design offer advantages because they fit into a wall taking up less precious space.

Cabinets can

So many options – You can even buy medicine cabinets fitted w/ a usb port!

Actual styles available include vintage antique and retro types, those in more traditional wood, plastics, stainless steel and even aluminium.

Wooden cabinets can come in a natural finish, painted, varnished, and bang up to date w/ shabby chic colors.

One door, two door, three or four doors.

w/ a lock, w/out a lock.

You can have them w/out a mirror, w/ a mirror, or they can be fitted w/ several mirrors.

A shelf which is built in underneath the unit is handy, but leaves whatever is there on display. Most have internal shelving, behind the door.

Then there are some w/ lights. These can be fitted above the cabinet, or inside, or a combination of both. They can also have an electric shaver socket.

The options when it comes to choosing a bathroom cabinet are countless.

In the end it comes down to price, the space available for the unit and personal choice.